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Backend Project Service is a systematic process performed with a computer for entering, capturing, retrieving, digitizing, processing, manipulating and organizing customer's data by means of word processing, image processing, form processing, data entry from various sources and converting them into a database with the specific required format. 

We also provide customized data conversion services and deliver results in a cost-effective manner, with quick turnaround time. At Flipexito, we implement data conversion best practices to ensure that you get the Highest Quality Solution in the most cost-effective manner. Data mining is one type of data processing system in which sophisticated data search capabilities, data analysis techniques, and superior statistical tools are utilized for analyzing the quality of data in a large database to ensure its exactness and completeness. We offer these type of back-office services for minimizing the overhead costs of companies.

We are also capable of extracting data from various sources including databases, images, documents and websites to name a few.

Thus, our backend project includes the following services:

  • Data Processing Services:
    Data processing involves select specific information from the source, processing this information and presenting it in an easily accessible, digital format. It has a great advantage for many organizations because it allows a more effective method to retrieve information, while also protecting the data from loss or damage.
  • Data Conversion Services
    We provide conversion of various formats of files into different data formats. We have the expertise, capacity, resources, technology, and experience to handle your most complex, time-critical and cost-sensitive digital conversion projects of large volumes of content: newspapers, books, journals and a variety of forms and other documents from print, electronic images, etc. These include conversion of data across various databases on different platforms, conversion via input/output from different media, Data Conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets, and many other standards and custom-made software packages as per requirement and E-book conversion.
  • Data Mining Services
    We can undertake a huge volume of data mining services to put the tremendous flow of data in a readily workable format. Flipexito has a team of dedicated professionals comprising of business analysts, statistical modelers, IT professionals & data mining operators who can provide superior quality data mining services.
  • Data Extraction Services
    The unstructured data sources usually include web pages, emails, documents, PDFs, scanned text, mainframe reports, etc. Extracting data from these unstructured sources has grown into a considerable technical challenge whereas historically data extraction has to deal with changes in physical hardware formats, the majority of current data extraction deals with extracting data from these unstructured data sources, and from different software formats. We are capable of extracting data from various sources including databases, images, documents and websites to name a few. 

Providing customer satisfaction and delight is part of an overall journey toward success. Our partnership approach ensures constant innovation, continuous quality improvement and value creation for our customers.

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